What makes us different

What Makes Us Different

You would like a price quote for services that range from bookkeeping to managing your property? That’s easy. We’ll immediately tell you the exact fees for the specific services you are interested in. If we handle the property management for you, we can take care of ALL aspects and tasks involved, from submitting the sales and tourist tax on your behalf to repairs and remodeling jobs, from Virtual Tours and personal websites to all types of cleaning. You’ll find detailed information about the array of services we offer on this website.

You are important to us as an individual, which is why we listen to your specific requests. That means that in addition to the regular property management and bookkeeping services, we are pleased to offer numerous other services at fixed prices. These services are provided in-house by our team members, which is much more cost effective than hiring a third party.

Every management company takes care of financial matters on behalf of their property owners. Taxes and bills are paid. Rental income and security deposits are collected. Bank accounts are managed. This is about your money and the assurance that everything is properly accounted for. The money remains with you. Within the last five years, we’ve heard about four different property managers who embezzled their customers’ funds. In some cases, customer accounts were cleaned out and rental income withheld, in other cases large sums were transferred away and the property owners ended up losing all their money. We are talking about defrauding customers from tens of thousands of dollars to several hundred thousand dollars! In each case it was a small family business that could either not resist temptation or became greedy. We welcome your questions about our own background, and why something like this is impossible to happen in our company.

We are frequently praised by our customers for the speed and reliability with which we respond to inquiries and suggest solutions for any issues that have come up. Our renters and property owners can reach us by phone every day from 8 am to 10 pm. We also quickly reply to e-mail correspondence. And our follow-up system is excellent.

We take care of your property as if it were our own. We do sweat the small things. The quality of a property management company shows itself in the details.

With the introduction of our new software, we offer OUR customers an advantage they are unlikely to find anywhere else. In order to allow smooth internal processes and optimal communication between both sides, we are using a sophisticated and expensive software program. This unique online portal enables customers to review every single bill and invoice plus the entire bookkeeping records with reports and analyses. At the end of the year, upon request we forward the records to your accountant, who will use them to work on your tax return. This is not only more cost effective for our customers, but the online portal’s main advantage is the quick flow of information.

Our company has more than ten full-time employees and a large number of subcontractors to handle all the necessary work. Having full-time employees guarantees continuous quality in service for both home owners and renters. Each team member is an expert in his or her field and knows what to do. Your contact person does not change constantly. Our employees are the basis for the high level of customer satisfaction we have reached.

Know-How is hard to replace. We are glad that during the more than 15 years when our companies have been active, we’ve seen just about everything there is to see and how things should be (and sometimes how they shouldn’t.) You learn from mistakes. Things in South Florida are sometimes done a bit differently from what many of us are used to. The Know-How we have acquired over the years is invaluable and a great benefit to our customers. Knowing how to save our customers money without having the quality suffer, knowing how things work, all this is elementary for our success and your satisfaction!

Please take the time to allow us to introduce you to our work ethic and procedures. You’ll see how we have perfected our operating principles over the years and where we are ahead of many others. Once you start comparing, you’ll see that we offer excellent service without being more expensive. Allow us to explain in detail what we do, how we work, what documents and proofs we can show you, and please feel free to ask any questions about any issues that you feel are important. You’ll find that we have the right answers.

  • Address: 804 Nicholas Pkwy E
    Cape Coral, FL 33990
  • Phone: +1 (239) 540-1000
  • Email: contact@123cape.com
  • Mon - Fri: 9:00 - 5:00 PM
    Sat - Sun: Closed

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