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Who looks after your home in Florida during your absence? Are you sure you locked all the doors and closed the windows? And how about the washing machine – did you shut off the water? Perhaps you forgot to turn off the water heater or didn’t set the A/C to the proper temperature?

If the mailbox is spilling over and newspapers and flyers are littering the driveway, it’s an open invitation to burglars. They know that the property is unoccupied and an easy target.

Starting at only $60 / month, we offer special programs for properties that are not used for rentals and only occasionally occupied by the owners. Our service agreements are tailored to your specific needs, based on how frequently you use the property. We also focus on seasonal rental properties (additional information can be found under “Basic Service”).

We serve all of Lee and Collier County, which includes Cape Coral, Fort Myers Beach, Lehigh Acres, Bonita Springs and Naples.

A Personal Experience of Bodo Kleber

A little while ago, the owners of a condo which was only a few years old called me for an appointment. They were interested in our HOMEWATCH service.
When I entered this beautiful unit, I was shocked. All the carpeting had been torn out, the furniture was pushed into one corner, some walls had just been newly painted, the closets were empty. And I only saw the tip of the iceberg. The owners had found mold in the entire unit when they arrived in town. On the walls and ceilings, in the carpet, curtains, comforters, clothes, even on the furniture… the total damage exceeded $10,000. Everything had to be thrown out or specially treated, freshly painted and/or cleaned. For almost two weeks the owners were unable to stay at their own place and had to rent something else (which proved difficult and expensive in high season).
So what happened? Small cause – huge effect. The air conditioning system’s drain pipe for the condensation had become clogged (a very common problem). As a result, the water went into the overflow pan, but the sensor regulating the overflow did not work and the water therefore was allowed to leak out. Because of this problem, the A/C shut itself off afterwards. Once the air became more and more humid, the entire unit quickly turned into a breeding ground for mold and mildew.
This is just one of at least 20 different examples that we have witnessed where a property can become a disaster area due to lack of REGULAR and RELIABLE home checks.
Why this emphasis on RELIABLE? Because the worst thing really was that those poor people did have someone to look after their place. A friend/neighbor, who had received money for checking on the property, had not set foot inside the unit for at least three months (but happily took the money). Obviously that relationship ended up as damaged as the unit.
We keep track of our REGULAR and RELIABLE home checks in our property management software. YOU can access this through the owner portal at any time and review the extensive reports created by a special inspection software. If there are irregularities or problems, you will be notified of course, but you have the option to look at the condition of your property anytime.
For $2/day you’ll have peace of mind… you’ll be able to sleep well because you are our customer. You’ll also benefit from our vast Know-How that is at your complete disposal.
A strong, solid and reliable partner. 123CAPE.

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