Basic Lawn Care

The yard with its tropical plants is the calling card of your home. There are mostly two types of grass used in Florida, Floratam and Bahia.

Floratam is the more attractive type, with wide blades creating a dense, almost carpet-like lawn. It requires water on a regular basis or it will not survive. Equally important is regular fertilizing.

Bahia is a very robust type of grass which can survive several weeks without water. However, it thins out after several years and needs to be reseeded. While it is less costly than Floratam, it is not as attractive.

For a manicured lawn, using fertilizer designed for the specifc type of grass is a must. It makes sense to treat the lawn against weeds at the same time. This is particulary important if the lot next door is vacant and full of weeds, as unwanted plants will show up on your lawn sooner or later.

In Florda, grass grows very fast between springtime and fall. It needs to be cut on a weekly basis. During the winter months, a cut every other week is usually sufficient.

In cooperation with reliable partners, we offer the following complete service for your lawn:

    Cutting the lawn
    Trimming along flower beds and walkways
    Removing leaves and grass from driveway and walkways
    Weed control
    Fertilizing with grass type specific fertilizer as needed

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