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Tropical regions such as Florida are home to many more pests than one would find in colder climates. Some of these pests are poisonous and dangerous to humans, such as spiders and fire ants. Many vacationers may not be aware of this, which is why preventative steps must be taken to protect them. The home needs to be treated regularly against pests.

Apart from pests that are dangerous to humans, there are others that can cause severe damage to your lawn and plants. Again, it is important to take sufficient measures to prevent this from happening.

In connection with a partner, we offer the following services:

    Pest control lawn
    Pest control shrubs and flowers
    Pest control trees
    Pest control inside the home
    Pest control around the home (perimeter)
    Weed control lawn

We work with one of the largest and best-known pest control companies. Due to the number of properties they take care of for us, we receive a large discount, which we pass on to the clients of our property management company. This service requires an annual contract and is billed on a monthly basis. Please contact us for a free quote for your property.

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