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The yard with its tropical plants and manicured lawn is the calling card of your property. A good cut of the Bahia or Floratam lawn, trimming bushes and palm trees as well as fertilizing trees, bushes and lawn are all part of the lawn care service, just as the edging of the lawn and removal of leaves and grass from driveway and walkways.

Unfortunately, lawn care in Florida is much more involved and complex than one would assume, or is perhaps used to from back home. The variety of plants, the watering system, which has to deal with several months of drought, as well as the number of small animals and pests make the proper care of a Florida garden a real challenge. Close attention needs to be paid to the right amount of water, fertilizer, shady areas and those in the full sun, as well as bugs, ants, fungi, weeds and much more.

We have great experience in how to deal with these issues. While we are not a lawn care company, we work with excellent firms who specialize in that field. Our home check is very focused on ensuring that your yard presents itself in the best possible way.

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